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Curiosity, Creativity and Communion   

JCP sketching Avocets 5x8


This blog is about the curiosity that woos me into the woods and leads me to lake shores in search of critters, crawlers and creatures of flight.

Have you ever picked up an art book and started flipping through its pages and felt such a rush of artistic inspiration come over you that you couldn’t stop looking at the beautiful pictures?  The book speaks to you in such a way that it challenges you to re-examine your own creative potential?   To me the natural world is like that book, constantly inspiring me, and inviting me into the high adventure of discovery.  This blog is about sharing some of the observations and artistic translations I’ve recorded while “reading” nature’s book of life.



This blog is about creativity…

 when ever I experience one of nature’s treasures my first impulse is to record it in my field journal, draw it in a sketchbook and translate the vision onto canvas.

Naturizing-kids 96

Sharing my passion to sketch birds with eager young eyes is a natural high!


This blog is about communion with nature and communion  through sharing with others…

and not so much about me as it is about Naturizing.  I naturize when I combine my passions for nature and exploration with my love of art to create personal records that can be shared with others to both teach and inspire.

By sharing my discoveries and passing on the passion through teaching I not only hope to inspire new creativity among artists, naturalists and kindred spirits but aim to promote what I call an Aesthetic Ethicthe philosophical belief that it is not only right but our moral responsibility to protect our planets natural heritage based on its intrinsic and diverse beauty and not just solely on its ecological, social or economic value.   In other words, it’s OK and honorable to save a slice of earth, a plant or animal because its beautiful to look at!

All material in this blog is strictly copyrighted by John C. Pitcher 2014 – 2015


5 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. I’ll never forget the good times I had with you in Alaska. I knew someday you would get recognition you deserved. I especially remember our birding trips to Potter Marsh! Your observational skills always amazed me!


    • Hi Tom,
      I remember our good times in the Great Land, especially our outings to the marsh and around Lake Hood and Elmendorf! Funny how things work out – I now live on a large cattail marsh that looks like Potter’s Marsh! many of the sketches in this blog come from the Dorset Marsh – which is my back yard. I think of you and Rich often. Email me and lets keep in touch. Cheers, from your long lost friend – John


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